Haute Holiday Hair

There is nothing worse then a bad hair day. As women, we wake up everyday and our mission is clear, “Take over the world and look fabulous doing it.” So, when you feel like there is no other way to tame the beast than grabbing your man’s clippers and buzzing off all your hair Britney-Style circa 2007, do not do it. I have a solution to the tune of $30 everyday of the week, morning, noon, and early night with no appointment necessary.

JM Blowdry will wash, blowout your hair and send you on your merry way in 30 minutes. If the name sounds familiar, it is because it is the newest venture for the A-List Joseph Martin Salons. This place will change your life, it will change your world and it will change your day because you will not walk out the door with beauty school hair.

So take my advice, especially now that the holiday party season is in full effect, you will thank me when you are not the gal at the party with a cockeyed bun or headband hiding the mess that is your mane. What you will do is strut your stuff through that party like you just got booked in next years Victoria Secret Fashion Show and do not forget to whip your hair like Willow Smith has got nothing on you when you walk out the door . . . Leave the men wanting more . . .

Until next time my friends, visit www.raylenebartolacci.com. To health and wellness, Salute.
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