Garderobe Boutique: Vintage Treasures in Dubai

A designer vintage store in Dubai? Yes, indeed. This was one style area many of us thought was missing from Dubai’s vast array of luxury designer boutiques. Garderobe boutique has come to the rescue offering vintage and antique designer pieces from Chanel jackets, Balenciaga bags and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Garderobe’s owner Micha Maatouk will change the way we shop in Dubai. “I’ve always travelled as part of my work. I love visiting and finding unique pieces in vintage designer shops in New York, London, and Paris and wanted to open one in Dubai to show women in the Middle East that vintage clothes are extremely special,” said Micha in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

The thirty-five old most recently worked as brand manager for Chanel and buyer for Harvey Nichols. Enter into the fun and quirky store on Jumeirah Beach Road and find the designer items and accessories you’ve been searching for. These do include Chanel pumps in excellent condition, Hermes costume jewelry, as well as never-been-used Hermes Birkin Bag on the shelf! Go and check for yourself!

Jumeirah Beach Road

04 394 2753