The Dean of Luxe Locks

Every lady I know loves to get her hair done. But with the majority of hair products boasting a list of impossible to pronounce (read: toxic) ingredients, not to mention recent reports of stylists giving clients Brazilian blowouts while wearing gas masks, one has to wonder if a trip to the salon is worth the price.

I was considering taking the shears to my own locks a la Kate Moss but then a friend turned me onto the Chaz Dean Salon. And not a moment too soon (there I was, scissors in hand, getting ready to make the first cut.)

Tucked into a 1921 craftsman house in the heart of Hollywood, the Chaz Dean Salon is chic serenity, designed with a warm palette of butter yellows, taupes, ambers and deep dark browns. The staff is friendly yet relaxed and I couldn’t help but notice that all the girls left the chair looking fresh of out of a hair commercial, with bouncy, shiny, locks. The secret of the salon: owner Chaz Dean’s line of shampoo-free cleansing conditioners.

Hold Up. Don’t you need shampoo to adequately clean your tresses? I mean isn’t that Washing 101?

According to Dean, the answer is no. In fact, Dean believes that shampoos actually harm more than help your hair, stripping your strands of their color and vitality. So, he developed the Wen line of cleansing conditioners that clean with antibacterial and astringent properties without the need to suds up. Each of the products is crafted with all natural ingredients that look more like a grocery list or trip to the herbalist than a product mix, with additions such as cucumber, sweet almond, fig, rosemary, chamomile, mint and avocado oil.

Still I remained skeptical as my hair was washed, cut and styled. Until I floated out of the chair, my hair light, flowing and super soft—just like the girls in the commercials. Easy, breezy, beautiful.

Chaz Dean Salon, 6444 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028 323.467.6444