Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Thank Goodness)

You work hard; you play hard. You’re in good shape, you watch what you eat, you exercise. Still, yours is a hectic life, filled with the hustle and bustle of business and play and every now and then, you can’t but feel the stresses of your active life. Maybe you’ve been ignoring that crick in your neck or maybe you feel just a little too young to know that the rains are a comin’ due to the sharp pains in your shins. Maybe you just feel lethargic and cranky and frankly, not yourself.

If you can’t help but wonder when you became a stressed-out-stick-in-the-mud and are looking to do something about it, take note. Health and wellbeing practitioner Katherine Fleming has been helping busy bees like you shake off their stress for years. Her go-to relief strategy? Employing an organic and natural substance with renowned healing properties since, well, the ancient Egyptians: essential oils.

Fleming, a bi-coastal bon vivant now based in Los Angeles, has been traveling the globe, from Mexico to Italy, teaching workshops touting the medical benefits of essential oils. Recently tapped by the OWN Network (that’s Oprah’s network for those not tuned into Ms. Winfrey’s media domination) to lead a seminar in stress relief, Fleming has also taught everyone from financial analysts to newbie moms to set up home apothecaries, boost beauty benefits, and generally take-it-easy with her series of essential oil workshops. For those looking for more specialized attention. Fleming also offers private consultations as well as a luxurious treatment called raindrop therapy, where a series of oils is lightly dropped along the spine to address, well, a lot of what ails you.

After a particularly grueling week, I booked a private raindrop session with Katherine. My own knowledge of essential oils was limited to aromatherapy candles, bath salts, and perfumes. “Could they really help you feel good as well as smell good,” I wondered.

Any doubts I had were immediately quelled by Fleming’s wealth of knowledge and research on the subject. Using only therapeutic grade oils, Fleming let me know which oils she was using, discussed their properties and their benefits with me as she delicately applied them to my back.

A 5-day headache I had started to dissipate a few moments after the treatment began. A knot in my shoulder seemed to disappear and when the hour-long service was over, I left relaxed and refreshed. Fleming also gave a sample of a peppermint oil to use lightly along my temples to relieve migraine tension, which came in handy a few weeks later. I’m still no expert but all I know is, I walked in gnarled and walked out tall.

To book a workshop or private session, call visit www.essentialhealingoils.net