Mia Jafari Scarves

For a fall fashion accessory that brings color and vibrancy to any outfit, try Mia Jafari’s seductively playful scarves. The Central St. Martins and Goldsmith Graduate Mia launched the “Ladybirds Strawberry Cosmos” collection this fall which features hand-finished limited-edition scarves full of color to be worn for all occasions from classy events to more casual friendly gatherings.

What’s more is that this British-Iranian designer has also released a collection of silk dresses printed in the same manner as her scarves. They are elegant, fun, comfortable to wear, and dazzling to the eye. Perfect for holiday attire, an evening out or gift idea, get your Mia Jafari scarves at S*uce in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Creme in Bahrain, or shop online at www.diaboutique.com