London Lux Life: The Purple Bar

Some say hotel bars as passé, but I say they are the only place to go these days because:
A) Undoubtedly they have the most creative mixologists around;
B) They have the best and most variegated crowd;
C) Usually the most attractive surroundings (and I’m not just talking people).

Nowhere else will you find find a more eclectic crowd as at The Purple Bar at the Sanderson Hotel. The night I was there we arrived uber early — there were a few after-workers, but not many. Which was fine, as we had our pick of where to sit…when we could find the seats. Purple Bar is definitely on the dark side -but wouldn’t you prefer to feel your way to the perfect spot for people spotting? Also there are no windows whatsoever – it’s kind of like being in a casino in Vegas – where you lose track of time. The people of the Purple Bar planned for that – plying you with a myriad of choices — 25 different martinis — divided into two sections — The Martini Collection and Modern Martinis. This would be the ultimate enclave for the clandestine celebrity – intimate, discreet, and private – pay attention Brad and Angie.

Of course, as the night goes on, the crowd becomes, well, crowded – but much more chic. Ties are loosened, dresses are shortened.

A word of advice: If you don’t like the color purple, this isn’t the place for you. Suffice to say, Prince would have a field day.

Purple Bar at the Sanderson Hotel
50 Berners Street, Marylebone,
London W1T 3NF

Ph: 0872 148 0997