Kendall Square’s New Voltage

Kendall Square, Cambridge is an area of high powered minds, from the bio scientists to the tech engineers to MIT students and professors. Harnessing the brain power of that one square mile could probably power the city of Cambridge for a year or more. I’m sure someone is working on that technology right now.  Like any high thinking society, the area runs on a high dose of caffeine. While many have been satisfied to drink whatever has been fast, easy, and local others in the area have been craving some quality brew to jump start their brain each morning… mid-afternoon… in the evening and so on.

What better way to get the jolt they need than the new addition to the neighborhood – Voltage. With its beginnings as a catering service this newly opened coffee bar and art gallery is adding the caffeine and culture the residents and employees of the area crave.

The coffee is as much a work of art as are the wall hangings are. Their take on the everyday latte alone may be enough to get your own creative juices flowing. Offerings include the Madame X, a earl grey infused with a white chocolate ganache; a Beyond the Sea with homemade caramel and salt; The Eclipse with coconut and ginger simple syrup; and the Atticus Finch with vanilla and burnt sugar.

Munchies here are small but quite tasty.  Chocolates, ants on a log, toast with tasty toppings or tea sandwiches served with a micro salad or slice of fresh fruit round off their daily food offerings.

Their art display is currently an animal theme from the Rifrákt Artist Collective. Area artists and artist collaboratives are encouraged to apply for future gallery showings.  Submission guidelines can be found on the shop’s website.

You can come celebrate with the Voltage folks and neighborhood cronies this Saturday November 13 from 6 to 10pm as they host a grand opening reception. Highlights include music from their house band (yes, they have a house band), art, interesting people and of course food and drink.

Location: 295 3RD St, Kendall Square, Cambridge 617.714.3974