It Is The Simple Things That Make Life Haute

Manicures and pedicures save lives. I can walk into my nail salon a broken woman, a la Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde,” and come out a new woman. Who cares if your ring finger is broken and your toenail is barely hanging on, there is nothing that a nail technician cannot fix, or is there?

It dawned on me the other day while I was drying that I was under a UV light. I started to get a mild panic attack because multiple thoughts began racing through my head. To start, the first place you show your age is in your neck and although I was not wearing a turtleneck, there was no light jetting out to reach it, but there obviously was on my hands and that is the other place where you show your age. So basically, I am setting myself up to have a 90 year old woman’s hands in my mid-20s. Perfect. The second was, Obama forgot to hike the tax in nail salons as well. The third, SKIN CANCER on my hands! Every two weeks I am asking to get skin cancer on my hands (insert cold sweats).

The fact is that this year alone over 1 million people have been diagnosed with skin cancer, which to date is the most common cancer. We all worry so much about the types of chemicals we put into our body when getting a manicure and we see this with the increase in organic salons. There are now even non-toxic polishes that play into this consumer and do not contain any Formaldehyde or DBP. So my question is, why have we worried so much about the ingredients, but have forgotten about this one simple thing? Food for thought. Until next time my friends, visit To health and wellness, salute.