Haute Yachts: Nordhavn Delivers Eliana

Even though it’s the 17th 76-footer that Nordhavn has delivered, Eliana stands out on several accounts. Remarkably, Eliana is the first yacht ever purchased by its owners, Rick and Debbie Heiniger. Another notable fact: They plan to live aboard. But above all, the relationship that the Heinigers had with Nordhavn and interior designer Scott Cole of Ardeo Design has resulted in a floating home that both the build and design teams consider among the most beautiful of the 76s delivered to date.

Indeed, even though Cole has collaborated with Nordhavn on a number of its other launches, “I am most proud of this interior,” he says. “This boat is one of the best because everything just fell into place. The owners had good ideas of their own, were receptive to ideas, and made themselves available. They were appreciative of the entire process.”

The overriding factor in all of the Heinigers’ decisions was to ensure Eliana would be “a calm, serene, and comfortable environment where one would love to spend time,” Rick Heiniger says. “Beauty would then be more of a feeling than an appearance.”

As the photo here shows, Eliana certainly has a welcoming environment. It makes good use of warm-tone African cherry wood for wall paneling, cabinetry, doors, even floors. The grains are positioned horizontally, for a more contemporary appeal. Cole suggested they add a dark wood, Charco, as an accent element for beds, nightstands, end tables, and the dining table. (Charco is a sustainable wood that’s also certified by some of the leading “green forestry” organizations, notably SGS, OLB, and the Forest Stewardship Council. It means the timber was forested under legal conditions, among other things.)

The warmth and beauty extends throughout Eliana. Marble lines the countertops in the master stateroom’s en suite bath, as well as the en suite facilities in the two guest staterooms. The Heinigers wanted to ensure that friends and family joining them on cruises would be just as comfortable as they were. To that end, the level of detail in the guest baths is on par with that of the master bath. Outside, more attention to detail makes the cockpit a great spot for relaxing or even dining. More notable here, however, is the use of a retractable awning. Nordhavn designed it at the Heinigers’ request so that they could escape the sun’s rays yet remain outside.
Whether the Heinigers venture to the warm-water islands off the East Coast of the USA or cross an ocean for other adventures, they should rest easy, given Nordhavn’s reputation for strong, reliable yachts. Its passagemakers have been popular with long-range cruisers for many years, some of whom are also live-aboards. As for the 76 itself, it carries 4,100 gallons of fuel, plus fire-suppression systems, air conditioning, anchoring systems, and other features that permit full self-sufficiency.