Get Roasted and Toasted at Boston’s Citizen Public House

While I do love a spur of the moment trip abroad with not even so much as my toothbrush packed (don’t worry, I find one when I land), on occasion there is an advantage to planning an adventure.  This one will only take 72 hours notice and won’t leave you jet lag – though you may be sufficiently hung over when all is said and done.

I speak of the whole roasted suckling pig extravaganza at Citizens Public House, recently opened on the newly bustling end of Boylston St in the Fenway. With enough pork fat and fun for 10 people, not surprisingly, you can’t just pop in and order a whole pig without a little bit of a wait. Three days notice, however, should leave you plenty of time to assemble the right group of gnarly carnivores and hit the gym sufficiently so as to avoid any guilt feelings as you indulge in the sweet satisfaction of your meat eating mania.

And what do you pair such a meal with?  I would suggest choosing from the 75 varieties of whiskey available from American whiskeys and bourbons to country ryes and fine single malt scotches. Citizen also offers a full selection of beers, wines and their own cocktail concoctions. Try a smash, a swizzle, a highball, or an ‘up”. I would tread lightly, however with the shots and combos which include a shot of Jameson whiskey with a shot of pickle juice or a shot of Bols Genever with a Miller High Life (affectionately called the Head Butt).

Just opened last month, Citizens Pub offers all the comforts of a local neighborhood tavern in a more upscale design. Deep rich wooden hues bath the whole interior with a massive chalkboard wall neatly inscribed with daily specials. Besides the pig roast I have already salivated over, oysters are another specialty of the house as well as other well roasted meats and fishes.

Dinner is served nightly until 1230 am, allowing for late night indulgences in a clean well lighted place.  In fact, if you are really feeling the Hemingway vibe, imbibe in a Hemingway Daiquiri made with Myer’s White Jamaican Rum, Luxardo Maraschino, fresh lime juice and grapefruit juice.

Location: 1310 Boylston St., Fenway, Boston 617.450.9000