Erin Fetherston Does Couture. Juicy Couture, That Is.

It’s hard to get your dude psyched about femme and flouncy fashion. So, I was grateful when my better half agreed to take me to the Vogue celebration of the Erin Fetherston “Juicy Loves Glamour Girls” capsule collection for Juicy Couture at the brand’s boutique on Rodeo Drive on Wednesday night. Fetherston, who crafts her own luxe line of exquisitely draped dresses, was tapped by Juicy to design the line for the Holiday season and made an appearance at the launch of the line.

Young Hollywood showed in droves at the Juicy Couture store to get a glimpse of Fetherston’s fashions. Reality TV star Whitney Port was in the house, as was Andrew Keegan, Meaghan Martin and Tennessee Thomas. Longtime L.A. fashion pillars Cameron Silver, Magda Berliner, and Ellen von Unwerth also dropped by the soirée to show their support for Fetherston, who navigated the crowd graciously, pausing to talk with guests about the collection and her recent move to the 323.

Between sipping champagne and taking in the pink-punk-princess environs, I chatted with the ever-gracious designer about the origins of the Juicy collab and her inspiration for the collection. Turns out Fetherston based the collection on a dress that she made for the Met Ball.  She included Juicy’s signature velour in many of her looks though abandoned slogans-on-the-tush in favor of 30’s inspired draping and pleating in a perfect blend of Fetherstons femme sensibilities of Juicy’s girlie-girl glamour. Basic tees got a luxe makeover with gem and ribbon details and Fetherston also showed fluid pleat front classic black pants to anchor the line.

I also asked Fetherston how she was faring in L.A. after years spent in Paris and New York. “I miss Paris,” admitted the designer. “But I’m from northern California so I feel at home here. I don’t mind driving my car.”

I asked my guy if he liked the collection and he nodded in the affirmative. Being a boy, however, he was more taken with the graffiti-covered Juicy Couture decor. And of course, we both fell for Juicy’s bedazzled Rubik’s Cube. I mean, talk about nerd-core chic . . .

The collection–as well as the gem-encrusted cube–are available at the Juicy Couture store in Beverly Hills.

456 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310.550.0736