And….What Exactly is The Gaslamp?

For anyone visiting San Diego for the first time, or even the tenth time, you might constantly be wondering what everyone is talking about when referring to The Gaslamp. Well, fear not friends, let’s shed some light on the coolest stretch of streets in town.

The Gaslamp is the shortened named for The Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego. It’s got historical roots starting in 1850 when San Diego was just forming as a town on the waterfront, and from there into the 1880’s Wyatt Earp, a bunch of boomtown businesses, and a handful of saloons and painted ladies started forming what is now Market Street, creating the framework for the town we all know and love today. Over time, actual gaslamps were put up as streetlights, and to this day they are preserved and utilized on the streets of downtown. Over the next century many things happened to restore this part of town, and keep it’s historical roots strong while creating a thriving downtown area. In 1989, the Gaslamp Archway was completed and erected, giving the crossover spot a formal entryway into the historic section of San Diego.

Today, The Gaslamp is eight blocks where everyone can be found on a weekend night, in the smorgasborg of top restaurants and clubs. It hosts over 200 restaurants and clubs, an amazing shopping district, and just about everything you can think up for a busy downtown to present. You can jump from dinner at Gaslamp Strip House and then go buy a new pair of jeans at G-Star RAW while meeting up with friends later for drinks at The Hard Rock. It is literally the only place in town you need to know the address to, as once you’re in The Gaslamp, you’re sort of everywhere you need to be in San Diego!

For a complete rundown of all The Gaslamp Quarter has to offer, please visit their site at: The Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter: From Broadway to Harbor, from 4th to 6th Avenue.