Suiting Up in Duca Sartoria

 The soft blue windowpane is timeless and always appropriate for daytime wear and even a nice night out.

The great pleasure that comes with autumn is the opportunity to wear nicer, heavier fabrics. Though we’re not quite ready for the super heavy flannels, we can move away from the everyday four season fabrics to the seasonably appropriate textiles.

Yet autumn doesn’t have to be synonymous with the classic (read: dull), darker colors. There is an array of colorful suit selections we can play with during this time. After all, it’s the foliage that makes this season so charming, so why not bring that element into your wardrobe?

Prince of Wales

If you want to make a statement, the Prince of Wales pattern is the perfect business suit for the fall with its strong red checks and light shades of gray. And for kicks (and more moxie), I would pair it with matching socks. The alternative option, a darker gray pattern, is for people who prefer a more conservative look but without compromising on originality.


Windowpanes are definitely back; I always loved them much more than stripes as I think they constitute a bolder and stronger statement. The soft blue windowpane is timeless and always appropriate for daytime wear and even a nice night out.

The alternative bigger, dapper gray is more for people who want to be noticed. The light flannel look and feeling make it the ideal alternative suit for the crispy weather.

Fun Fabric

Now, let’s play. Winter cotton by definition is a fun fabric to wear, and complements well with pants, jackets, and even suits, i.e., the Friday suit or the ensemble you want to wear when you choose to be less formal than “classic business attire” but still need the suit look. So what are your options? Try a mustard color, natural hue or even blue of all different shades. You’re going to get a look that’s fun but still give you the edge of a confident power suit.


Another heavy-but-not-too-heavy fabric for the fall is corduroy. This textile has been a classic for ages and now a new revitalized material makes it even nicer to wear. Cascho, the new Ermenegildo Zegna corduroy, blends cotton with cashmere, creating a warm texture that is rich, elegant, and charismatically funky.


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