Sports Bras Made Out of Water Bottles? Who Knew?

(Personal trainer, Rebecca Cardon)

Jen Aniston digs her sports bras. So does K$sha. Now it’s your turn.
KAYLX, the brainchild of Kimberly Cayce, works magic in not not just with your bod, but with the environment.

A former NCAA-ALL American and All-ACC Team Member at Duke University, KALYX founder Kimberly Cayce competed on tours around the world as a professional golfer for 5 years. Throughout her athletic career, Cayce became increasingly frustrated by the lack of attractive, comfortable and supportive sports bras in the marketplace.

Where better to set up a sports apparel company than in Los Angeles, land of the beautiful people? So Cayce created KALYX, sports apparel made for women, by women, and now, a favorite with celebrities all around Hollywood from Runyon Canyon to the beaches of Venice.

Remember: It’s almost November. That means Thanksgiving. Then the onslaught of holiday parties, gift baskets arriving on your desk, and chocolate chocolate chocolate. Do the right thing, not just for yourself but for the environment: Go Kalyx. Get fit. And go green.

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