JAX of All Trades

Better design breeds desirable properties, so when survival of the fittest befits the real estate market, the end product needs be plenary. Brushing properties with superior design is JAX Design Studio, started by Good Property Company founder Joshua Gurwitz. Before any project takes shape, Gurwitz begins at the end. He says, “We ask what we want this project to be when it grows up.”

For Gurwitz, the answer was not so black-and-white. He toyed with becoming an art dealer, but soon took a detour into interior design and found himself planning and designing for mega-firms like Gensler Architects, maturing his expertise in concept development. In 2009 Gurwitz turned his invaluable aptitude for correlating design, finance, and planning into Good Property Company, a privately-held real estate firm focusing on purchasing, repositioning, and selling single-family homes and commercial real estate.

With a decade of design experience and enthusiastic implorations from real estate clients, Gurwitz decided to channel his experience and passion for design into an untapped market with JAX Design Studio, providing clients with comprehensive services, including visioning, feasibility study, financial planning, interior design, branding and marketing, project management, and sales. “Our in-house team already handles the interior design, marketing and branding, planning and graphic design for all of our real estate projects, so leveraging those resources was instant,” Gurwitz explains. “JAX is a one-stop-shop for real estate developers, retailers, restaurant and nightclub owners, and anyone else who requires an entire portfolio of design services.”

Currently located in Miami and New York, the JAX team just completed a reposition of a 3,500-square-foot single-family home in Coconut Grove, and has several other projects in the works, including an Art Deco restoration of the historic 1934 L. Murray Dixon home in Miami Beach and a 20,000-square-foot loft conversion in New York City. The studio is already going global and was recently selected to work with a real estate and investment firm in the UK, seeing London as an ideal third location down the road.

The designers at JAX make the firm unique, having experience and expertise from both the client and the service provider side. “We are owners, end users, and third party; our breadth of knowledge spans from idea inception to project completion. Many of the design firms out there are not familiar with the process of taking a client’s vision and working with them every step of the way until the projects opens. JAX is truly a partner.” The JAX process is very involved one, with the designers following through the entire procedure, from the visioning process to concept development, to graphic design, whether it be a logo, website, or collateral development, rebranding, or an ad campaign.

As the face of the company, Gurwitz handles the business development side of JAX, dealing with client interaction and setting the stage for what his team needs to do. “Clients are looking to you for everything. We lead their minds in many ways and provide them with information and knowledge that they don’t have and didn’t even know they wanted,” Gurwitz says. Splitting his time between Good Property Company and JAX Design Studio, the native New Yorker, who just celebrated his one-year anniversary in Miami, has quickly become an established resident, co-founding the Underdog Foundation LLC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal advocacy.

So, why the name JAX? “My dog,” he answers. From start to completion, JAX is on to a good thing, with no end in sight.

JAX Design Studio