Experience: Chocolate

While you may love to experience new flavors, you may not be a fan of the usual tasting experience. Who wants to try a fabulous wine only to be told to spit it out?  If you want to savor the tastes you are being given, Experience: Chocolate may be the ultimate tasting sensation for you… as well as your friends and colleagues.

The experiences of many people with chocolate varieties tend to be limited to milk, dark and white chocolate, but the experts at Experience: Chocolate can share with anyone the hundreds of flavor subtleties that can be found in chocolates from the world over. And with so many people loving, enjoying and appreciating the wonder of chocolate, now may be the perfect time to do a little research just in time for the personalized gift giving season ahead. That’s right…. it’s gift giving research. How thoughtful of you.

Experience: Chocolate will host a tasting in your home or office for yourself, friends, family, colleagues, or any other chocoholics of your choosing. Guests will sample a wide variety of chocolates from the world over, being educated while their taste buds are equally delighted. All samples are of premium quality. And based on the cocoa content of each, flavors can be fruity, nutty, buttery or even spicy with flavors that hit you quickly and dissipate or those that start on the bland side but intensify in flavor the longer you savor them.

All parties are hosted by Experience: Chocolate’s founder Susan Oakley. Susan self educated herself on chocolate throughout her schooling at Georgetown University and MIT Sloan School of Management for her own enjoyment.  After graduating and pursuing a corporate executive career in high tech finance, she put her knowledge to use in business to ensure always having the most appropriate chocolate on hand for every meeting or social experience. Her passion and deep knowledge for the nuances of fine chocolates is simply infectious at each Experience: Chocolate tasting gathering.

Businesses have used the tasting experience to bring together co-workers or to better connect with prospects while others have opted for private social gatherings to reunite friends over the lure of chocolate. What a sweet way to indulge one’s pleasures.

Location: Available throughout Greater Boston, 617.840.4766 experiencechocolate.com