A Proper Lashing from LuxLash

You wouldn’t think to place a beautiful photograph or piece of artwork on your wall without properly framing it first, right?  Then why not give those beautiful eyes of yours the boastful lush lashes they so richly deserve? Mascaras can help plump up the lashes you’ve got, but to really thicken, lengthen and dramatize those eyes, semi permanent lashes from LuxLash may be just the right way to go.

With proper care, the folks over at LuxLash say their semi-permanent lashes will last about 2 months – just about as long as that fresh haircut you’ve got. Adding lashes to your beauty routine can really help glam you up and give you the fresh face confidence you already have inside.

Lashes services range from Enhancement (60 new lashes) to full lash (120 new lashes) to the tempting Bad Boy Lashes (150 new lashes). If you love your new look and plan on keeping the LuxLash look longer, maintenance packages are available to help keep you eye batting beautiful. And should you just want to get a little more lush for a weekend or special occasion, short term applications are also available.  In fact, you may want to splurge for that special occasion with a Lash Crystal Application.

And if adding something new to your beauty routine has you pressed for time, LuxLash ahs you covered. Manicure, Pedicure and Brow Sculpting services are available while you are lashing up. Speaking of Brow Services, LuxLash can keep your brows unfurrowed and happy with sculpting for the overgrown or prosthetic brow fitting for the over-plucked.  And, for a more permanent solution, they offer a brow cosmetic tattooing as well.

Wearers of LuxLash products say they are comfortable and easy to wear – miles away from any over the counter solution you may find at your local pharmacy.  And with Halloween on the way, it may be a perfect excuse to try them out as you dress up unmasked for the costume ball. Chances are, though, you won’t want to strip out of this part of your costume for some time to come.

Location: 232 Newbury St., Back Bay, Boston 617.587.5274 luxlash.com