The Dixon Fire: The Most Expensive Golf Ball

In case you didn’t hear, Dixon Golf, a company based in Tempe, Ariz., debuted a special kind of golf ball in July, and it’s generating quite a bit of talk on the local links and beyond. Not only is the ball currently the most expensive one one the market, at $74.95 per dozen, it’s also eco-friendly.

Meet the Dixon Fire golf ball. On the outside, it features an Elastodynamic recyclable cast urethane cover with a 318 tour-precision dimple pattern for maximum playability and performance. And on the ball’s inside is a 100-percent green core, made entirely from materials that can be reprocessed. Even the packaging the Dixon Fire balls come in is 100-percent recyclable.

Of the ball’s somewhat steeper-than-usual price tag, Dixon Golf CEO William Carey says, “This ball is not for everyone. This ball is only for the golfer that demands the absolute best in performance. Its price point is unreachable for a certain segment of golfers, which is why we have two other offerings — the Earth and Wind — that retail for $39.95 and $24.95 [per dozen], respectively.”

Last year, Carey’s company debuted the Dixon Earth, the first 100-percent environmentally friendly golf ball, made with a proprietary polymer and other recyclable materials. Other eco-conscious initiatives made by the company include the move into an energy-efficient building, a recycling program, and credits toward the purchase of Dixon golf balls for clients who bring in used regular golf balls.

When Dixon Golf set up its international headquarters in the energy-efficient office space at Tempe Transportation Center this past July, their grand opening was attended by Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman and “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo, who were there to show their support. The fete also included free food, music, Nintendo Wii golf games and free golf balls for the first 50 people.

Dixon Golf’s celebrity spokesman, Academy Award-nominated actor and environmentalist Don Cheadle gives Dixon’s Earth, Wind and Fire balls his approval. “Dixon’s new Fire ball is a joy to play,” Cheadle says. “It does everything a premium ball should do — explodes off the club face, checks up, spins, rolls true — with the added benefit of being created from recyclable materials. Goodness, gracious, great balls o’ fire!”

The balls are carried by PGA Tour Superstores nationwide, with the list of additional retailers growing every day. They balls can also be purchased online. Visit Dixon Golf online for more information.