Thai Me Up: The Top 5 Thai Restaurants in San Diego

Ever heard the phrase “Thai hot”? If not, then you need to get over to one of these amazing spots for Thai cuisine and burn your tastebuds off. It’s oddly enjoyable and the food is delicious! Here are the Top 5 Thai restaurants in San Diego.

Amarin Thai

Right off the bat you are greeted with genuine pleasure and kindness from the amazing staff at Amarin, a top-rated restaurant in San Diego, and are ushered to your seat and poured a glass of their unbeatable Thai tea.  You really can’t go wrong with their menu as everything is fantastic.  Traditional dishes like chicken pad thai are perfect, as well as Amarin dishes such as the Love Boat appetizer great for sharing.  With over 15 years of experience and an extensive wine list, this is a wonderful spot to get lunch or dinner…or both.

Spice & Rice Thai Kitchen

Spice and Rice is where you go if you’d like the American taken out of your Thai. Located in La Jolla, this authentic Thai restaurant is, for lack of better words, pretty legit. They offer everything in traditional Thai style with the options of adding various meat choices, or left vegetarian. Their name is no misnomer, either, as many of their dishes do carry on the traditional Thai spicy flavors all the way to your tongue. Try the Spicy Basil Noodles. You won’t be disappointed. Dine in or or out on their lovely patio, and enjoy the delectables.

Royal Thai Cuisine

In downtown San Diego you can be served by the same recipes that served the royals in Thailand at Royal Thai (very aptly named).  With a tradition of excellence, this is an amazing Thai stop. Their specialty dishes are truly delicious, especially the Angel Wings, and they take great pride in showcasing the Thai culture with every dish. You can also participate in cooking classes at this restaurant, where guests can learn some exotic secrets of Thai cooking, while devouring their hard work in a four-course meal. Pretty great place to visit!

Rama Restaurant

Upon entering Rama, you get the feeling like you should lower your voice a little, as it’s museum-like feeling is powerful.  With art covered walls and Thai music softly playing, this restaurant was created to be an experience.  With locations in San Diego, Laguna Beach, and Cabo San Lucas, Rama is a place that takes their Thai very seriously. Named “One of the Top 100 Retsaurants in the USA” by Zagat, and boasting the title of largest Thai restaurant in the city, this Gaslamp located venue is nothing short of excellent both in taste and presentation of their cuisine.

Tast of Thai

When you start asking around about the best Thai in the city, Taste of Thai comes up a lot.  According to Zagat and a whole host of magazines and publications, this is the best Thai in the city.  With locations in  both Del Mar and Hillcrest, Tatse of Thai is the place to visit if you’re looking for the best in taste. Very simply decorated, with all fanfare focused on the food, their dishes are perfect and their authenticity is unmatched. A great spot for vegetarians, any dish can be meatless with no fuss. If you’re not able to get over to Thailand for dinner, this is probably your next best bet.