Thai Me Up: The Top 5 Thai Restaurants in Chicago

Very rare is it that a cultural cuisine offers both comfort and spice, but the aromatic Thai kills two birds with one stone. Whether it’s rice or noodles, its balance of the five fundamental taste sensations in each dish are it’s staple: hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. And don’t forget it’s all in the sauce.

Butterfly Sushi Bar & Thai Cuisine

Whimsically decorated this packed locale is often frequented for it’s creative maki rolls, but it’s the Thai that’s the hidden gem of this animal. The cozy noodles, rice dishes, beef and chicken all offer consistently good Asian dishes.

1156 W. Grand Ave. 312.563.5555.

Joy’s Noodles and Rice

Joy’s is good, simple Asian fare, with items divided into noodles, curry and rice dishes. The tom yum soup, which is my go-to Thai staple (the chicken noodle soup of Thailand, easy to make, but hard to master) is worthy of it’s flavorful ancestors.

3257 N. Broadway St. 773.327.8330.

Cozy Noodle & Rice

Since 2003, Cozy Noodle has blended a combination of both Thai and American cultures, caring as much about the atmosphere as the comfort food. The warm welcoming interior makes you feel right at home.

3456 N. Sheffield Ave. 773.327.0100.

Siam Noodle and Rice

It’s no secret that the further north you go in the city, think Northcenter, Uptown, etc. the more authentic Asian hole-in-the-wall spots you will discover. As one of those gems, Siam has created delicious authentic Thai cuisine for over 17 years so as you may have guessed, it’s worth the drive.

4654 N. Sheridan. 773.769.6694.

Thai Spice Restaurant

When the owner comes to greet you and check on you every time you visit, you know they poured their heart and soul into your soup. Request a window seat to people watch and indulge.

1320 W. Devon Ave. 773.973.0504.