Sugar Shock: The Haute 5 Desserts in San Diego

Sugar equals delicious.  Isn’t that how simple the math of our tastebuds turns out to be?  Look no further, sugar cravers and sweet tooth owners, for here are the Haute 5 desserts in San Diego:

Heaven Sent Desserts

Built as a monument to a friend, this is the creation and vision of a former US Air Force medic in bringing the tastes and and sweetness from around the world into one delicious dessert stop.  Complete with an entire dessert restaurant, this is the only place you need to find in your search for, well, dessert heaven!  With custom cakes, worldly menu items, and a great story behind it’s history, this is a fantastic place to serve those sweet cravings we all get!

The Cravory

With almost a thousand customized cookies, this place is very serious about dessert. Whatever a person dreams up, they will bake and serve you, regardless of how far-fetched you might think your cookie craving may be! Since they only provide this one dessert, you can be assured that their cookies are the best cookies you will ever be tasting.  They are so soft when bit into that your mouth sort of oozes in pleasure. Everyone needs to come here, at least once, to experience the Cravory Cookie phenomena.

Dazzle M Desserts

This amazing little dessert stop has a slogan stating that their desserts are, “Not too pretty to eat.”  Well, they are almost too pretty! They offer desserts of all kinds, for every reason you could possibly need a dessert! If you don’t see it in their extensive collection of ideas, then by all means, dream it up and ask them to create it-they will! With the most gorgeous cakes, tarts, cookies, and little pieces of deliciousness, Dazzle M Desserts is definitely a bit sparkly.


Do you wish you could find some Cuban desserts with traditional French training behind it? Well, my friend, look no further.  Azucar is such a unique and amazing dessert shop that the web address even expresses it’s love in the title!  You will not be finding your run-of-the-mill desserts here.  Their menu has items like
mango upside down cake, Azucar quiche, and Cuban rum cakes with traditional dulce de leche.  This is a phenomenal idea and the desserts are impeccable. Worth an entire trip to San Diego, in our opinion.

Dallman Confections Chocolatier

Talk about an history of sweetness.  This shop originates all the way from Austria with ancestors in the goodie business creating only three types of Austrian desserts.  Traveling through the family lines and into SD, this confection shop is almost too tasty to be true! This is the only place to find chocolate in all of California, as it is the house of experts.  Choose from their taste menu of white, dark, or milk chocolate and feel your body flood with euphoria at it’s incredible rich goodness. While some businesses focus on many desserts, Dallman focuses on the one, and in doing so creates only the very best.  Your mouth will agree.