Rollin’ Like Us: San Diego Woodies

Think back to every classic beach movie you’ve ever seen for a moment, and try to conjure up the vehicle you saw driving the stars to and from the beach. If you wanted to head to the beach in style with your surfboard overhead and an attitude in 1960, how did you do it? If you were filming a beach movie in 1955, what did you put the actors in for their driving scenes?  A woodie, of course.  “Woodie” is the term used for the old-fashioned and very beachy wooden car popular in the 1930’s and 40’s, and is a retro throwback to beach life today in 2010. Still popular in movies, woodies have never gone out of style, in fact, they’ve only become more trendy.

San Diego Woodies is the SD chapter of the national chain of woodie owners and lovers, and they are a very cool force in the city.  With a history of hosting surfers and their boards to and from the beach for decades, these cars are always relevant in these parts. San Diego Woodies particpates every year in Wavecrest, the huge meeting of woodie owners at the gorgeous Moonlight Beach in Encinatas, bringing woodies from all over the state to this one location for cars and surfing activities. 

Don’t think you can only look at these from afar and wish you were a part of their society, these cars can also be rented for major San Diego events!  What better way to roll up to your beachfront wedding than a fully loaded woodie bus?  How much more legit can you look heading to a bonfire birthday party on the water, than in a woodie?  San Diego Woodies is a great source for finding prime woodies to rent or purchase for your events, or collectors appetite. A Hummer is nice, an Escalade is luxurious, but a woodie is a style all it’s own, and very much a part of this city’s ambience.