Old World Class, New World Comfort: The Grand Del Mar

It’s not easy to establish an old money, old world feeling in a new property, but somehow The Grand Del Mar has done just that. Set back in the Del Mar hills so green and luscious you start conjuring up images of Jane Austen novels, The Grand Del Mar is the pinnacle of resort living and understated elegance.

The Grand Del Mar was named in Condé Nast Traveler as one of the “World’s Best Places To Stay”, and we don’t disagree with that title at all. A lot of people don’t think areas of San Diego, and Southern California in general, have achieved a level of luxury on par with other big cities, but we’d suggest they head over to the beautiful Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, and book a weekend at The Grand Del Mar. The grounds are are incredibly lush and beautiful, and the resort is styled with Mediterranean influences, yet nothing feels garish, or as if the resort is trying to hard to give luxury. The serenity of the landscape, the details in the perfectly situated guest rooms, and the decadent restaurants all work together to create an experience of service and swank at this unmatched resort. Offering everything from an amazing spa to unique and unbeatable dining experiences, this resort is at the very top of any luxury list, in any city.

Resort Feature:  Amaya.  The resort hosts a few places to eat, but the restaurant located within the main resort building is Amaya. Amaya, like the entire resort, combines American tastes with Mediterranean influences. Located with sweeping views of the pristine Grand Del Mar golf course, Amaya is  a warm and cozy way to spend an evening. Fireplaces in each room, a staff very trained in catering to their customers, and menu items that are worth an entire trip to San Diego for, alone. Try the Seared Scallops Three Ways, which takes scallops and creates them in three different styles, all very different, yet still complimenting each other somehow, or order up the Braised Short Rib Cannelloni that almost melts in your mouth. The menu offers up everything from amazing Lobster Bisque to a short ribs cooked to such perfection your fork needs no effort. Combine all of these amazing dishes with the impeccable wine pairings your wonderful server will bring you, and your night is complete. Chef Camron Woods has created a fantastic menu, and the resort has created the perfect place for him to showcase. No one will leave Amaya unimpressed.