Nordic Runway Show at Lincoln Center

Every now and then a talented designer emerges and catches our eyes and we end up falling in love with their designs. Well watch out fashion lovers, there are four, yes I said it four talented designers that are coming out with a kick! All of them deriving from a Nordic country across the Atlantic or as we know it Northern Europe. And it may be cold there but it’s designers are hot!

LiaLia designer Julia Alarcon was set to give us a great show with an opening act of two women doing Aerial Acrobatics in a wonderful hue of blue, leaving the audience with a sense of adventure. Moments after, models began to walk in an angelic like color palette of light beige,lavender,blue and off white. Having worked at the fashion house of the Oscar De La Renta, Alarcon was destined to make stunning pieces. Such as the show stopper seen in last nights show. A long white silky like dress almost hitting the floor with a hint of flirtatiousness. Combined with a slit on the back of the dress. Sure to accentuate any woman’s body in a romantic way. Julia’s belief in “classic elegance” and “feminine sophistication” earned her a spot on any fashionista’s list of must have clothes!

In the next presentation, “Royal Extreme” designer Una Hlin Kristjansdottir has a concept. That “every woman deserves to lavish herself with beautiful things that reflect her personality & grace”. She showed her luxurious style with thigh grazing stockings with braid like details in the front. Along with playful pom-poms. Making you feel as if you lived on the Upper East Side with such sophisticated style. Each piece was mixed with rich colors, from burgundy to cornflower yellow down to everyones favorite black. Through out every piece you were able to see the versatility of the designs. One model had a leather like jacket and pant suit that looked classy yet very downtown chic. Una Hlin’s motto is “More is more, less is a bore, and is done in an elegant but light hearted manner.” She kept true to her motto and proved it with everyones favorite last look on the runway. The model wore a poncho like sweater with white, a streak of yellow, red and blue colors over thigh high black and white herringbone stockings which was just mouth dropping and would make any “Blair Waldorf” wannabe out to shop Una Hlin’s designs in a heart beat.

On to the next talented designer, Tiia Vanhatapio. Also known as “Queen of Cocktail Dresses.” Tiia showed us a different side of her. The scene: The White Deer 1952. She unleashed a fantasy like dream that she was ready to reveal. The first model came out with antlers on her head that began the feel of her show. The pieces were quite stunning between the long black laced dresses and the floor sweeping flower patterned dresses that reminded us of DVF’s Spring ’09 Collection. Vanhatapio is known for her film noir, seductive tailored looks. Which explains the ravishing two long black laced dresses. One short sleeve and the other long sleeve. Tight fitting but not too revealing, almost goth like and it still keeps it’s exotic look. Vanhatapio maybe well known for her “Mamie Dress”. It’s a black satin cocktail dress with pockets. But who knew she was able to pull out such a fascinating collection with a mixture of seductive, goth like and fairy tale made dresses.

The final presentation was the show that took everyones breath away. Kicking it off with a breath taking performance, opera’s very own rising star Julie Reimart sang her heart out for fashion and afterwards strutted down the runway in sky-high heels! Trine Jespersen is the designer of the ultra chic Islaet. Islaet was founded in 2008 and since has evolved into a collection that is trendy, young, sharp and yet elegant all at the same time. The models were walking in masks almost as if we were in a masquerade ball. The most beautiful dress, a white gown with a thigh high slit and an open back from one shoulder down to the waist in black feathers was sure to be everyones favorite. Yet another look with a tight black skirt and a white long sleeved shirt would be in any womans closet. Jespersen never forgot her Scandinavian roots when she moved to London. With a mixture of both worlds, she is set to be a well known designer.

Last nights presentation is not one to forget, but one to remember. Jespersen, I think I hear Anna Wintour from Vogue calling. Job well done.