Jean Therapy: The Top 5 Denim Stores in San Diego

We live our lives in jeans, no matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, you do it all in jeans. Let’s check out the best denim stops in SD!

L.A. Fairchild Denim Bar

The name sort of says it all for this one, this is a bar of denim! Located in Cardiff by the Sea, L.A. Fairchild boutique’s denim bar is incredible! Sporting over 190 styles of jeans, this is the place to go if you’re looking for the perfect pair. Bringing that LA fashion hub into San Diego, LA Fairchild is top brands, designers, and style all in one location. Their interior is a bit western-turned-trendy and the entire shopping experience is awesome because their selection is unbeatable. This is the only store you really NEED to know, because chances are if they don’t have it, it doesn’t exist!

Located at: 2029 San Elijo Ave   Cardiff By The Sea, CA 92007

Pink Zone

What started as one shop in PB a decade ago has now multiplied to shops all over San Diego offering up the best of the best when it comes to jeans. Each store focuses on a different artistic theme, one shop housing lots of flowers while another has an affinity for zodiac signs, these shops are unique and a cool place to find the trendy, not-so-trendy, not yet trendy, and always hip styles. They also boast huge quantities of denim! Carrying all the brands you want, and a few you hadn’t thought of, Pink Zone is legit.

Located at: Multiple locations throughout San Diego area


While a strong shopping presence online, POP! has an actual store in La Jolla, which is pretty awesome considering the next closest ones are in Bali and Australia. They hail their mission as an international approach to finding the world’s best fashions and designers, and this trickles into their amazing jeans collection. With brands like Cheap Monday, Kill City, and Ambiguous Clothing Brand, these aren’t the jeans you can just pick up at a department store. This is the kind of shop you’re never quite cool enough to enter, yet you really want to own their gear in an attempt to get a little bit cooler. A great find in San Diego, and a really good place to find a newer, hipper, more urban style of denim.

Located at: 2927 Lincoln Ave  San Diego, CA 92104


G-Star RAW

What started in Europe as a fashion invasion from the brand moved to the US and have set up shop in San Diego. G-Star RAW is an amazing clothing line, and it’s being included in this list because their jeans are the best, and this is the only place you can really purchase them! The “RAW” comes from their specialty with raw denim, meaning the unwashed, undone form denim comes in originally before being put through the ringer to be made into clothing. Their clothes give off an almost old-school militant vibe, and they have the most convenient cell phone pockets and structured forms. Located in the Gaslamp, they have a huge jeans selection in this shop, and make you feel uber-hipster upon entering their fashionable doors.

Located at:  470 5th Ave   San Diego, CA 92101


LF is true boutique style of an eclectic mix of designers and styles, giving this shop a So-Cal, boho, yet at times almost UK vibe to their styles. Does that make sense? It feels like you could find these clothes on the streets of London or down at the beach, all mixed into one outfit. Their denim is tight, ripped, destroyed, vintage, and completely current. Carrying a 2010 lookbook of brands like Young Hearts and Evolving Summer, these aren’t styles you can find everywhere, and give you a unique quality to your jeans. Located in La Jolla, this little shop is a great find, and not something all your friends will be wearing tomorrow.

Located at:  7864 Girard Ave  La Jolla, CA 92037