Haute Detox

I’m not really sure when this whole detox fad started and rarely do I like to be negative, but boy is it really stupid. When somebody tells me that they are detoxing I laugh and tell them not to do it. Drinking some concoction of water with lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper will absolutely make you feel like rubbish.

My first issue with detoxing, via some silly fad, is that you are setting yourself up for even bigger problems once you get to the end of the hell you just put yourself through. Nutritional deficiencies are a given. If you do not believe me I will give you the short version of what happens. When your body is depleted of the nutrients it needs you begin to lose muscle mass because in order to acquire energy it must be taken from the fats and proteins so the only place to steal some is from your muscles. Sounds quite lovely, but not quite.

Need a little more reassurance that starving yourself is preposterous? When you starve yourself your body will start to eat away at what it can to keep it going for energy. If you do not feed your body, you will not feed your brain, heart, liver etc. thus why people with eating disorders have damage to their organs. On the flip side if you do finally allow your body to eat you become vulture and eat everything in sight. If you ask me this totally defeats the purpose of trying to help yourself out, no?

I am not saying that cleansing your system of toxins is a bad idea, but the manner in which you go about it can get rather hairy. When I choose to detox, my favorite way to do so is with the Ultra Cleansing System. The reason is I can still continue to eat a balanced diet of lean protein, leafy greens, fresh fruits, drink tons of water and avoid processed foods with every morsel of my being. This way for 30 days my body is pushing out the bad and keeping in the good. The Ultra Cleansing System cleanses your blood, bowel, kidney, liver, lungs and lymphatic system.

Detoxing with some scrumptious liquid diet is harmful. Depriving your body of any of the nutrients you need is completely irresponsible. OK, enough preaching like I’m your momma. Until next time my friends, visit www.raylenebartolacci.com. To health and wellness, salute.