Haute 100 Los Angeles Update: Antonio Villaraigosa

Our Haute 100 list details the accomplishments of the most influential people in each of our markets—MiamiNew YorkLos Angeles, and San Francisco. These people continue to make moves, so rather than waiting for the next Haute 100 issue to come out, we thought we’d provide you with regular updates on those Haute 100 members who are making headlines. Check back daily for more info on the most powerful people in your city. In his quest to make Los Angeles one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the nation, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has signed agreements with firms in San Fernando Valley and China in order to develop more green-energy use in L.A.

Antonio Villaraigosa

Category: Thinkers
Industry: Politics
Company: The City of Los Angeles

What Made Him Haute: The first Hispanic L.A. mayor in the city’s 133-year history has revitalized the city with infrastructure projects, the wooing of tech companies, actively supporting small business, ensuring growth of the area’s unique creative capital, and an emphasis on education.

What Makes Him Haute Now: The Department of Water and Power will work with Quallion LLC of Sylmar, and BYD Inc., based in the Shenzhen Province, to invent batteries that will be able to store energy generated by wind or solar power, then release electricity to the city’s power grid when needed most. The companies plan on developing a five- to 10-megawatt energy-storage system by the end of the year. BYD will also be supplying solar panels at Pine Tree Wind Farm. Quallion, the world leader in lithium ion batteries, is owned by another one of our Haute 100, Alfred Mann. Villaraigosa is pleased to bring more environmentally friendly sources to Los Angeles, and strengthen ties between L.A. and China.