Ferrari To Unveil the Special SA Aperta

(Pictured: Ferrari’s SA Aperta)

Ferrari’s always been careful when choosing just how many cars they want to make when it comes to their special additions, and rightly so.

This time around, only 80 SA Aperta’s will be built in celebration of Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary.. Unfortunately for you the general population, all have been sold… so it’s kind of a tease.

The SA nomenclature also pays homage to both Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina whose company and work have been linked to the most successful road-going cars ever built at Maranello.

This car is a true roadster which allows its occupants to enjoy the superlative emotions afforded by their signature front-engined V12 architecture in a completely open-top setting. In fact, it has just a light soft top designed to be resorted to only if the weather gets particularly bad. A low-slung windscreen and the fact that it crouches lower to the ground than other models lending to the SA APERTA’s aerodynamic sleekness.

(The newest addition to the Ferrari family)

Its profile arches back from the A-post to two aerodynamic fins beautifully integrating the two roll-bars which themselves cleverly mimic the outline of the seats.

So while you may not be able to buy it, at least you can pop over to the Paris International Motor Show (which runs from October 2nd through the 17th) and drool.

To note: On the 16th of October, Frédérique Constant is the official timekeeper of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge…if you go to Place Vendome in the afternoon, you might just see some of the most exquisite vintage cars (and exquisite non-vintage drivers) in the world.

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