Coming Soon: Harpar’s Bazaar Fortnight of Fashion at the Dubai Mall

Enjoy your chance to rub shoulders with the Middle East’s style cognoscenti for one of the year’s most fashionable events. Fashion catwalks, designer collections, boutique openings, and intimate soirees will all take place Harpar’s Bazaar Fortnight of Fashion at the Dubai Mall from the 10th-23rd of October. Get ready for style, glamor, luxury and creativity.

The opening of the new Symphony boutique on Fashion Avenue will launch the event in association with the Dubai Mall. Philips has confirmed that they are bringing internationally renowned hairstylist Andy Uffels to the Fortnight of Fashion catwalk and will feature this season’s runway hairstyles and how you can get them with Philip’s products. Also on October 7th is the opening of the exhibition “Andy Warhol: The Bazaar Years” and also the launch of the Harpar’s Bazaar Fashion Illustrator Competition. On the 14th of October the 2010 Autumn/Winter collection will be celebrated with Ralph Lauren.

The Harpar’s Bazaar Fortnight of Fashion is the only luxury shopping event in the region. By hosting the second Harpar’s Bazaar Fortnight of Fashion the Dubai Mall is attracting major players in the fashion industry to further enhance Dubai’s role as the regional fashion capital. So get ready to wear your new Balmain outfit while mix and mingling with Dubai’s fashionable crowd.