Cheat on Your Car with Status Ride

It probably took you a long time to pick out just the right car (or cars) to buy. It had to feel right, look right and drive amazingly well. But, in the process, you probably saw a whole lot of other prospects that were tempting to purchase as well.  Perhaps now that you are committed to your car, you long for the adventure of driving another.  Luckily, cars are not like relationships, and cheating on your car is a perfectly acceptable desire.  Status Ride was created to help you indulge just such a desire for a day or a week or more.

The luxury car rental business may offer a somewhat limited selection of vehicles, but the options they do present are truly spectacular. And unlike most city rides where a driver is supplied to spoil all the fun, Status Ride puts you right behind the wheel to experience the majesty of these auto creations. Imagine heading north behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 for some leaf peeping in the White Mountains. Never has such a quaint and classic New England tradition felt quite been so exhilarating before.

My personal favorite is the sleek Audi R8 (pictured) for both city driving and for escaping to more open roads. Or, if you are looking to impress a certain someone for a night of valet hopping across the city’s hottest hotspots go for the Bentley Continental GT for classic elegance or the Lamborghini Gallardo for stunning sex appeal.

The company showroom is located in Worcester, but rentals include door to door service for both pick up and delivery of your car (i.e. no schlepping out to Worcester). Services also include roadside assistance just in case you happen to lock your keys inside one of these gems.

One piece of advice: with the power behind these vehicles, if you are not accustom to such speed capabilities, be sure to set aside some cash for the speeding tickets you are almost certain to rack up.

Location: 1200 Millbury St., Worcester, 888.512.0896