Capture This: Melissa Koehler Lifestyle Photography

In this day and age, if something isn’t photographed, documented online, and shown to all of your friends, it sort of didn’t happen. The trouble is, not every picture you take is amazing, and for the really important stuff you need to bring in a professional who is going to capture the moment properly, and quite frankly, make you look as gorgeous as humanly possible. In San Diego we have an amazing array of talented photographers, and one of the most talented and popular is Melissa Koehler, of Melissa Koehler Photography.

Melissa is a lifestyle photographer specializing in families, children, weddings, and every other major event you can dream up. Don’t think this is your average khakis and matching white shirts kind of portraits, though. Who wants a picture like that these days? Everyone has seen, or been in, those pictures out on the beach with the whole family in a matching color scheme, posed and smiling. Melissa is much more creative than that, which is why her business is booming, and her photographs capture all the real emotion, movement, and truth behind the real people in her beautiful shots. Her work is more like art, and being featured in a shoot is an honor, as you’ve never seen yourself the way she sees you through her lens.

Melissa has lived in San Diego her entire life, so it’s no surprise that her secret locations look like places from all over the country, not just your typical beach shots. When you book a session with her, you’re getting an experience, and you’re walking away with pictures so beautiful, you will hang them as you would a piece from a gallery, not just another family picture. Whether it’s a shoot on location at one of the finest resorts in the state for a magazine, a newborn baby shoot in a home, a family amongst the trees, or a wedding on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, you aren’t going to find photography as fun, special, and uniquely stunning as Melissa Koehler Photography.