Above the Cut

Every girl I know flips for a trip to the salon. There’s nothing like indulging in a little “me time” spent turning your tresses over to the care of your hairdresser. A long scalp massage followed by the snip of the scissors can turn any day from ragged to rich. But what about grooming for gents?

Men folk take heed. On a jaunt through Beverly Hills, I recently discovered the Brighton Shave Co., nestled on palm tree-lined Brighton Way. Billed as a barbershop that blends “old school” American and refined British cut-and-shave techniques, the Brighton Shave Co. offers the luxurious hair care experience for men that us gals have come to know and love.

The wet shave is The Brighton Shave Co.’s calling card. As clients relax in their barber’s chair hot, wet towels bathe the face as their barber whisks a straight razor across the skin to guarantee the cleanest shave. Men looking for a dry trim can end their search. A dry beard trim, steam and scrub package is offered.

Guys can also take advantage of a full-service menu that showcases a full line of treatments including haircuts, color blending, facials, eye calming, and back rubs. Father’s looking to spend some quality time with their little ones can sit tandem for a cut on Sundays with the “Dad and Lad” treatment.

So, after a particularly grueling workweek, I sent my boyfriend down to The Brighton Shave Co. for a little R&R. He came home calm, refreshed, and clean-shaven with talk of nursing a scotch in the mezzanine level billiards room and a complimentary shoeshine. Sounds great, no? When I told him I wanted to get in on the action and challenged him to a game of pool, he smiled and shook his head. Turns out The Brighton Shave Co. is strictly boys-only. Natch!

The Brighton Shave Co. is located at 9635 Brighton Way in Beverly Hills, Calif., 310.663.2284.