Sweet Sensations: The Haute 5 Ice Cream Shops in Dubai

In a hot climate like Dubai most of us succumb to the soft, creamy and cold sensation of sweet ice cream. A quick remedy for heat exhaustion as well as an instant sugar high, the delicious treat is growing in popularity in Gulf with Italian gelato in particular preference. So when you’re in need of an ice cream turn to these growing Dubai favorites.


A Dubai favorite, unlike heavier American ice cream Morelli’s uses a lighter, custard base of milk with sugar and eggs. This yummy and less filling mixture creates an ice cream with a smooth and creamy texture as done for Italian gelato. The original Morelli’s Gelato opened in 1932 in Broadstairs, Kent and now has shops all over the world with its flagship store located in Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. Specialty sundaes and inventive flavors, you’ll find shoppers stopping by Morelli’s at all hours of the day.

Dubai Mall 04 339 9053

Bacio Gelato

The authentic Italian gelato at Bacio Caffe & Gelateria was recently voted to be one of the best ice cream parlors in town. It’s light, creamy and made from the freshest ingredients. Apparently, a little gelato every now and then can be good for you according to owner and Bolognese native Cesare Celli. Gelato contains only 4 to 5 percent fat while commercial ice creams can have around 13 to 16 percent fat,” he explained in a recent interview. This is of course wonderful to know as we delightfully take in one of Bacio’s signature gelatos: a mix of chocolate, hazelnut and crunchy coco chips- a gelato experience not to be missed.

Barsha www.bacio-gelato.com 04 323 2949

Cone Street

JBR walk is filled handsome eateries, restaurants and cafes but until recently was lacking a good ice cream parlor. The cute and cozy gelatoria located on the first floor of the Rimal building was a great addition. A wonderful variety of colorful options awaits you and you can even taste each flavor before you make your final decision. With your gelato in hand go for a stroll on the scenic JBR, a lovely activity to round off your day.

JBR Walk 04 448 6401

Marble Slab

For those who love a more filling ice cream make your way to Marble Slab, the original ice cream parlor straight from Houston, Texas. Choose from your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings and watch while specialists use the “frozen slab” technique to mix and mash your order into a yummy concoction. Located in 35 US states, Canada, Puerto and the United Arab Emirates, this is American ice cream at its best.

Mall of the Emirates www.marbleslab.com 04 341 1182

The Ice Factory

Launched just five years ago by Danish entrepreneur Soren Bo Anderson and Iranian business Habib Yaraghi, the Ice Factory was founded with the precept to create ice cream which was truly fresh, free from artificial ingredients and high levels of sugar. All milk used is fresh from local dairies in the UAE, sugars are kept to a bare minimum and the fruit is as fresh as can be. What’s more is that at the end of the day all leftover ice cream is given to charity!

JBR Walk Bahar Building www.theicefactory.ae 04 88 71074