Sugar High: The Haute 5 Bakeries in Chicago

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious sweet tooth. There’s nothing that brightens a bad day like rich batter iced with buttery goodness and decorated to the nines. Men, take note, the secret to a woman’s heart is chocolate. It is that simple. And coming from the perfect bakery is the icing on the cake.

Sweet Mandy B’s

Often rated higher than Swirlz or Sprinkles in the competition of best cupcake in the city, Sweet Mandy B’s has had Lincoln Parkers salivating for years. With some of the richest buttercream and the fluffiest batter in the bakery circle, if you haven’t tried these delicious little nuggets, you haven’t experienced heaven yet.

1208 W. Webster Ave. 773.244.1174.


bake is the vision of husband and wife pastry chefs Eric and Jennifer Estrella. While their love of desserts and anything sweet began at young ages creating pastries with their moms, bake is the culmination of their combined 30 years of experience working in luxury hotels, bakeries and restaurants from California to New York. At bake the goal is simple: to make the best tasting classic American desserts you’ve ever had, using the finest ingredients available.

2246 W. North Ave. 773.384.7655.

Swedish Bakery

Famous for coffeecakes, cookies, sweet rolls, toast, petit fours and marzipan cakes, the Swedish Bakery is known for using unique ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, anise, fennel, orange peel and almond paste. They offer a wide variety of Northern European and traditional American breakfast items, pastries, cookies and cakes for all occasions.

5348 N Clark St.

Weber’s Bakery

Weber’s Bakery is one of the oldest family-owned retail bakeries in Chicago. The founder, Erich Weber, came to Chicago as an immigrant from Germany in 1924. In 1930 the original bakery was opened at 45th and Kedzie, in the heart of Chicago’s Southwest Side. In 1937 it was moved to a larger building at 63rd Street and St. Louis Avenue. Erich was a founding member of The Baker’s Dozen, a group of non-competitive retail bakers from the Midwest who meet to share ideas and formulas to this day.

7055 W. Archer Ave. 773.586.1234.

Roesner’s Bakery

Featured in a special wedding edition of the Food Network, Roesner’s has been family run for over 100 years when John Roesner Sr. immigrated from Germany. Their speciality is decadent and elaborate wedding cakes.

3216 W. North Ave. 773.489.6900.