Mamatini: Breastfeeding Made Easier

If you’re a woman who, like many, is skeptical of breastfeeding, fear no more: Mamatini is here to help. Mamatini is the premier organic, ready-to-drink herbal infusion created to help women breastfeed easier and for longer.

Breastfeeding has several advantages — it can even help a mother get back to her pre-baby body faster — but many women are discouraged by the challenges it can bring, such as low milk supply, low energy, and additional body stress. That’s why Mamatini was created.

The doctor-designed herbal remedy contains herbs that have been used for centuries — fenugreek, fennel, chamomile and ginger—to address the challenges that can accompany breastfeeding. Erica Duignan Minnihan, who co-created Mamatini with her pediatrician, is a former venture capitalist, MBA and mother of three who was frustrated by her inability to find a delicious and convenient beverage to support her body’s needs while she was breastfeeding. Tired of brewing fenugreek tea at all hours of the day and night, she decided to collaborate with her pediatrician on a formula that would support a woman’s milk supply and take a holistic approach to her needs as a new mom, helping her body absorb more vitamins and minerals increasing energy.

Mamatini also helps reduce colic symptoms in babies, provides the necessary vitamins that a mother needs for healthy milk production, and helps a mother’s body absorb and retain the minerals that are depleted during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mamatini is also useful for women who plan to return to the workforce and need to prep breast milk ahead of time.