Kiss the Chef: The Haute 5 Chef’s Tables in San Diego

Who wants to eat with the normal folk in the middle of the restaurant when these amazing places offer you a table front and center in the action-packed kitchen (or nearby) talking to the chef, and feeling that in-crowd vibe of getting the inside track on the amazing food they offer?  Here are the Haute 5 chef’s tables in San Diego.

Sally’s Seafood on the Water

If you’re looking for some of the most amazing seafood you can imagine, in a private setting with acclaimed Chef Sarah Linkenheil, Sally’s is unbeatable. Placing an elegant table in their top-notch kitchen, Sally’s will create a custom experience for your party. Choosing a menu specially for you and your tastes, and even offering a hands-on learning experience, this is definitely an amazing event to attend.

Isabel’s Cantina

In the delicious place where Chef Isabel Cruz infuses Latin and Asian tastes in an impeccable party of the tastebuds, you can request the Chef’s Table experience and really show your guests a unique and delectable time. Seating your party around a marble slab in the middle of the action backstage, Isabel’s Cantina will create a tasting menu just for your party and then let you watch the magic unfold.

J Six Restaurant

Hosting a chef’s table experience one Sunday a month, J Six Restaurant boasts the award-winning Executive Chef Christian Graves for the event. This chef’s table is truly unique and involved, starting with a trip in the morning to the local Hillcrest farmer’s market for fresh ingrdients, you spend the entire day learning how this man makes his amazing dishes, and enjoy the fruits of his labor in an indulgent taste-fest around the kitchen. Creating a fun and interactive envirnment, this chef’s table is not one to miss!

The Marine Room

There is even a special name given to the chef’s table here at the Marine Room in La Jolla, Table 25. It’s a corner table with excellent views and it is where Chef Bernard Guillard hangs out while treating these very special guests to a seven-course French dinner with global tastes and elegant flair. Hosting anywhere from six to twelve in a party, this chef’s table is for those foodies that spare no expense in their taste and expect nothing short of delicious on their plates.

Red Pearl San Diego

In the heart of the Gaslamp and an active participant in the restoration and revitilization of this historic district, Red Pearl San Diego is a chef’s table experience to make your reservation for immediately. Seated right in the bright kitchen, this is where patrons will be fed all kinds of incredible Pan-Asian cuisine straight from Chef Jason Marcus, while watching all the bustle and activity of the popular restaurant. While guests are free to order what they please, they also have the (intended) option of a chef’s menu created for just for them. The food and company in this great place are unmatched, and the event is definitely worth the trip downtown.