Jay Jay Burridge’s Dinosaurs are Large and In Charge.

Jay Jay Burridge is really into the Land of the Lost. And Adidas. So in his first ever solo exhibition he’s brought the two worlds together in his show, “When Superstars Ruled the World”, brought to you by uber art dealer, Steve Lazarides. This exhibition is a far cry from the last round seen in this gallery – Jonathan Yeo’s porn collages of the famous – and now infamous – like George W. Bush, Tiger Woods, and everyone’s favorite politician Sarah “Going Rogue” Palin.

But back to Burridge.

In his mind, his dinosaurs have been brought up to date – they are sans the Jurassic Park viciousness we are used to; in fact, they have infiltrated our everyday life, becoming rock stars and surfboard toting hippies. The British born Burridge already has an established name for himself overseas; he starred in SmArt a children’s television show for nearly 8 years on the BBC. He’s also widely recognized as the “Rude Copper” — an artistic endeavor by longtime friend, Banksy. After his stint in TV, Burridge went on to work as a commercial artist for the likes of various companies, like Levi’s. “Everything I’ve done in the last 15, 16 years, has been practice, up to this show”, says Burridge of his sidetracking bouts as a television host and commercial artist. But this show isn’t just the big guys – so to speak. There are Burridge’s interpretations of dinosaurs evolution through history – resplendent in needlepoint renditions of things like farmers having their stash pulled by a dinosaur as opposed to an ox; a T-Rex drawing in traditional Elizabethan garb, and of course, the requisite Last Supper interpretation. But in regard to his show – which runs for the next two weeks on Beverly Drive — just who is going to purchase a 20 foot high T-Rex?

Remember – Los Angeles is the land where everything is bigger – and even if Burridge’s sculptures look large and in charge – they’re lighter than you think…made up of only two products – industrial Aso foam, and 3M packing tape…and in L.A. – the land where dreams CAN come true – anything can happen.

(Picture above: Two guests of the evening; Tana Ramsay, Mel Burridge, Gordon Ramsay, and the artist.)

Also in attendance: Steve “Jonesy” Jones, fellow Laz Inc. artist Sage Vaughn, Bruno/Borat costumer (and fellow artist) Jason Alper.

When Superstars Ruled the World:
Lazarides Gallery, 320 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills; noon-8 pm

(Special thanks to Sonja Teri for the hookup and the photos)