Haute Ways to Eliminate Stress

Stress is a word that can single handedly kill you. It takes over your days and nights. It can ruin relationships, cause you to overeat, and even interfere with your sleep. Stress a word that was coined in the 1930s and races to the forefront in 2010.

Do we bring it on ourselves? Maybe. But how can we avoid it with a world that is eternally evolving to bigger and better things? Who is to say that the charming businessman tugging at his shirt collar and sweating over his blackberry has greater or less stress than the single mother working to barely make ends meet, all while raising a brilliant and well-rounded child? No matter how you package it stress is a part of life sans the big red bow on top. We can try to avoid it, but in this day in age you would be lazy and homeless. Stress can strike in the boardroom or on the 405. No matter what, it is what it is, STRESS! Here are five ways to deal:

YOGA: At the beginning of every class the instructor will ask for you to silently pick your intention. Normally I choose whatever is stressing me out. There is something about twisting yourself like a pretzel all while crying because you are holding yourself up in ways that even a game of Twister has not put you in. As you are leaving you will walk out feeling rejuvenated because you let go of the control-freak inside, said farewell to your ego and busted the stress. What got you through this practice was the simplest thing, your breathe. Namaste.

ABC’S: When some people are stressed they either eat too much or too little. The ABC’s of eating healthy are simple to remember. A is for adequacy, which means providing oneself with essential nutrients, fiber, and energy. B is for balance in the diet, meaning that one food type should not be over emphasized at the expense of another. C is for calorie control, meaning that the amount of your intake should be comparable to the amount you exert.

Heidi Klum for Guitar Hero

MUSIC: You know that quote, “Dance like nobody is watching . . . blah, blah, blah”? Well now is your chance. Music is a form of expression and there are lyrics for every emotion. No matter if you crank it up and dance around in your underwear or cry to Celine Dion, I’m not going to tell anyone. Songs were created because at one moment or another the creator needed a release. Take advantage of what you have in common, vulnerability.


LAUGHTER: Often is deemed the best medicine. It is a physical release giving perspective and distraction. Laughing increases the health enhancing hormones called endorphins. Go on, have a laugh.

RED WINE: My grandfather is 87 and drinks a glass of wine every night, although I have never taken to this old school Italian habit, I tend to wonder if I should have. He is the picture of health and has always been able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. If you decide that a little red wine is the way to take the edge off, please do so in moderation. The healthy consumption is a 5-ounce glass of wine daily and if you feel like getting really nuts add a bubble bath to the equation.

In order to effectively relieve stress it is imperative to find inner peace. When you find yourself with that terrifying shortness of breath, pang in your chest, and a half empty bag of potato chips in hand take a deep breath and remember these five techniques. Until next time my friends, visit www.raylenebartolacci.com. To health and wellness, salute.