Haute Secrets Los Angeles: Kerry Simon

Haute Secrets

Name: Kerry Simon

Stats: Born in Chicago; has lived in Los Angeles for the past four years; he currently resides in downtown L.A.

Why he loves Los Angeles: The diversity of people and cultures, and how it manifests itself into food, art, and music.

Kerry Simon grew up wanting to be a rock star, and that he is, though not by standard definition. A summer job at Little Caesars Pizza, which was taken on to save up for an electric guitar, was the catalyst that led to Simon’s realization of his passion for food. Now, he is a well-known chef with traces in almost every major city around the country and beyond. Simon has opened restaurants in Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong, London, Chicago, and Los Angeles. It also doesn’t hurt that he won the title of Iron Chef America, and was dubbed “the rock-n-roll chef” by Rolling Stone magazine.

After spending time abroad for various jobs and an apprenticeship, Simon has honed in on a different approach to modern American cuisine, which helps set him apart from others in the industry.

His Los Angeles restaurant, SIMON LA, is one of Hollywood’s hautest dining destinations. Simon’s most recent openings is Simon at Palms Place.

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