Haute Beauty Secrets

Bronzed buns are how do I put this? Well, haute. Last night while I was watching television there was a commercial for a well known celebrity trainer and while I commend her on her many assets they were not visible whatsoever, because she was so pale. Call me crazy, but I have to say almost everything looks better with a little tan.

If you are still not convinced name one person that does not come back from a vacation strutting to the water cooler in the office as if they are Gisele on the Victoria Secret runway. It is because of the tan. While I am not here to condone baking like a lobster, I can promote my newest obsession that will leave you with a perfect bronzy bod sans all the bodily harm.

Dex New York Body Glow sunless tanner is a haute accessory day or night. What makes me love this product is that I can spray it on myself so my hands do not turn Snookie orange and it is a DHA based formula, which is a derivative of Omega-3 fatty oils. Omega-3 is an essential vitamin that no mammal should ever skip in their daily routine. The other benefits to getting Dex-ed is there is no streaking, you only have to wait an hour to have contact with water, and they did not test on animals. I promise you will thank me on your next trip to the water-cooler. Until next time, my friends, visit www.raylenebartolacci.com. To health and wellness, salute.