Fashion: Story of a Lifetime at the Empty Quarter Gallery

Albert Watson, Kate Moss in Torn Veil, Marrakech, 1963
Albert Watson, Kate Moss in Toss Veil, Marrakech, 1963

Dubai fashion and art aficionados are in great anticipation of the opening of the exhibition Fashion: Story of a Lifetime on September 14th at the Empty Quarter Gallery. Organized by Elie Domit, curator of the Empty Quarter Gallery, the show features vintage and modern prints by celebrated fashion photographers from the turn of the century, most of which will be revealed in Dubai for the first time.

The images are paired with the remarkable story of Parveen Shath, a woman dedicated to fashion from Saudi Arabia.  Ms. Shath was inspired by the subjects of these photographs and revealed those which she loved best to the inner circles of Saudi society.

The dresses on display are made by esteemed designers of the early 20th century. These include those by Belville Sasoon known to dress royalty, Victoria Royal, and vintage labels such as Paul Louis Orrier and Nettie Vogues, who designed Princess Diana’s engagement dress.

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to observe the melding of fashion photography at the turn of the century against the backdrop of Middle East landscape and culture.

Fashion: Story of a Lifetime from September 14th through October 17th 2010 at the Empty Quarter Gallery in the DIFC