Back to School: The Haute 5 Kid’s Clothing Stores in San Diego

Is there an age where one should become stylish? In our opinion, it’s never too early to look like a rock star and sport the right labels, and these five shops in San Diego do an amazing job of turning children into fashion icons.


Pout is the misnomer given to the amazing and chic children’s boutique located in La Jolla. From their fashionista front door to the unique and well-crafted pieces inside, this boutique is the best place, as it’s voted over and over, to take your children if what you’re looking for is something trendy, elite, and stylish.

Style Child

This name says it all. If you want your child to be dressed in style, this is the place to take them. Hosting top brands such as Monte Designs, Zutano, and many others, this is the place to dress your child for the paparazzi. Toting the description of urban and trendy, this boutique in the heart of San Diego is a pretty cool place to take your children for funky, fun, and stylish clothing. If your tot is trendy and attends a lot of events in sunglasses with an entourage, they’re going to love this store.

Buttons and Bows

This baby boutique is incredible. It not only carries the most fantastic clothing for the well-dressed baby, but it also offers the best in nursery and children’s baby decor, as well as amazing styles for Mom. Carrying brands like Max Daniel, New Arrivals, and Little Giraffe, their items are not only beautiful, they are favorites among celebrity babies worldwide.

Tip Top Kids

Does your child need an outfit for a famous baby’s christening? Is your child in a royal wedding? Then this is the shop for you. Located just outside of San Diego, this boutique offers formal wear for the Haute child. Specializing in formal dress, accessories, and pageant wear, this shop is not the place to find jeans or play clothes. Creating styles for the little and fancy, this children’s shop is a place to remember your manners.