Tartinery – A Haute Eats Pick for NYC

Tartinery is a new bistro in Nolita. From morning to night, it’s a versatile space with modern decor and an inviting atmosphere for stimulating conversation. From the chalk written menu to the natural and reclaimed elements floor to ceiling, it’s all about getting back to the basics… with an homage to bread.

The cuisine is a modern twist on traditional French bistro fare. The menu, based around the Tartine, a gourmet open-faced sandwich served on a slice of toasted bread, is focused yet not limiting.  From savory to sweet, Tartinery demonstrates the infinite possibilities of toppings on a single slice of bread.

Additional fare on the menu compliments the Tartine. From croissant and cafe latte for breakfast, a mid morning fresh squeezed juice, to a Nicoise salad and soup for lunch, afternoon tea, and desserts to savor there is something for everyone throughout the course of the day.

Haute Tasting Highlights

  • Tartinery’s Vichyssoise (a thick soup based on pureed leeks, served cold) is a dream. Thick, yet not overly rich, a mild flavor of fresh leeks resonates on the palate.
  • Savory Tartines: Tartare is a salt lover’s reverie. Capers, Dijon Mustard and Worcestershire sauce’s bold flavors bursting in your mouth complimenting the smooth sensation of finely chopped raw beef melting on your tongue. Served with chips and cornichons. For the veggie lover, Ratatouille is hearty, flavorful and satisfying.
  • Sweet Tartines : Tarte Tatin – Naploean would have approved, need we say more? I would not recommend Caramel as a dessert to follow a Tartine entree, as you may be carb overloaded, but paired with an afternoon tea I can think of nothing more delightful.

Chapman’s Chopping Block

  • Though tasty, there are better menu options than the Soft Shell Crab Tartine. At $18.50 the flavors do not live up to it’s price tag as compared to other menu items.

Ultimate Haute Luxury Value

  • The Chablis (Domaine P. Bouchard, 2008) is an ultimate Haute Luxury Value. Priced at only $58. It’s crisp, balanced, refreshing mineral aromas are the perfect compliment for your Tartine. Order by the bottle.

Tartinery is located at 209 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 212.300.5838