Rachel’s L.A. Weekend – It’s a Wrap

This weekend, I flew to Los Angeles to act in the movie Holiday Heist. Christie Will, the writer of the film, is very talented. I play a college student, who is leaving campus to visit her boyfriend during the break. After my flight from New York I was excited to reach my L.A. home — The Four Seasons Hotel. I knew that I would be hungry after the five-hour flight and made dinner reservations at Madeo, one of the best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles. I always order the veal parmesan and love the cozy atmosphere.

Saturday morning, I woke up and took a walk to Rodeo Drive. A good brunch was in order so I stopped at Barney Greengrass, where the food and scene are always amazing. I had a bagel with delicious salmon and tried one of the new specials, apple cinnamon matzah. After brunch, my friend and I headed to Anastasia. I met her at the Sundance Film Festival last year after hearing about her from my brother Mike for years. Anastasia is known as the best eyebrow shaper. She even compares herself to Picasso.

Later we relaxed by the hotel pool and after soaking in some sun, made our way to the Grove. The Grove is a great place to walk around, shop and eat. We grabbed a bite at Agos and I had the famous chicken parmesan shaped like a pizza pie.

Sunday it was time to work and I made my way to the set, which was at Valley College about 25 minutes from the hotel. The scene went well and I wrapped in perfect time to get a quick lunch by the pool and head to airport for my return flight. I look forward to many more L.A. experiences and filming many more movies.