Nicki Germaine Naylor Presents the ‘Shanel Estate’ Listed for $35,000,000

Completed in 1995, the meandering hillside mansion looks like it was built and expanded over the ages. Without a single 90-degree angle, the residence wraps around a spacious courtyard on one side while offering panoramic views of Sonoma Valley and San Francisco Bay on the other. Dedicated to authenticity, San Francisco architect Sandy Walker imported centuries old Italian roof tiles and 200-year old beams from a Nevada barn owned by Pony Express rider Snowshoe Thompson. Walls of hand-smoothed plaster are colored in a pale ochre and radiant heat brings modern comfort to beautiful Travertine and oak floors. Shanel’s seven fireplaces cast a warm glow and provide the perfect remedy for Sonoma Valley’s cool evenings. For all its beauty and ageless design, the residential compound at Shanel is just the beginning of the story. As you venture beyond the grounds of the main residence, two-bedroom guesthouse and pool/cabana area you find something akin to your own national park.

Offered @ $35,000,000

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