Luxor Linens Practices the Art of Sleep

Adriana White

The average human being spends one-third of his life asleep, so it should be a no-brainer that this tremendous portion of life should be spent in soothing comfort to balance out the chaos that may occur during the other two-thirds of it. How you sleep determines how your whole day goes, and most on-the-go jet-setters know just how important it is to end their day in their personal sanctuary, in order to ensure a productive and wonderful day to come. The masterminds behind Luxor Linens, one of the world’s leading providers of luxury bedding and home textiles, know just what it takes to convert a bed into a nightly zen retreat. Luxor’s exquisite bedding, towels, bathrobes for men, women and even babies that are customizable with monogramming on all items ensure all those who appreciate the finer things in life all day long, can do so at night as well.

When creating their product line, the founders of Luxor Linens- Jack Nekhala and Michael Nusinkis- spared no luxury. The Egyptian cotton used in all products is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Grown in the Nile delta in Egypt, the cotton captures the historical richness of the agricultural metropolis and brings it into your home. People fall in love with Egyptian cotton for both the durability and the highly smooth feel. Egyptian cotton is considered the finest cotton, especially for bedding and home textiles like towels and robes, because it produces the smoothest and longest threads of any cotton type.

As the world continues to dive head first into the global warming epidemic, Luxor Linens has been doing its part creating 100 percent organic linens to help create a more eco-friendly and comfortable world for tomorrow. Some of Luxor Linens’ most popular products and services are the Valentino Sheets and Towels, Buanaparte Robes, which can all be packaged into the perfect gift with custom monogramming and gorgeous personalized packaging- especially perfect for wedding gifts. All products are available through their online retail website, wholesale, and at various hospitality venues.

Luxor Linens, the culmination of the founder’s aesthetic taste, perfectionism, and a deep understanding of high quality products, launched in 2002 and has continued to provide exceptional crafted quality products, backed by very personal customer service with the utmost attention to detail.

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