Celebrated Italian Style

The car was presented to Hiramatsu in 2008, causing quite a stir amongst Ferrari aficionados everywhere, many of whom are still clamoring to get a glimpse of the groundbreaking design. Hiramatsu, a generous fellow, understands the stir the car is causing and has offered to display the SP1 at Concorso Italiano this August, where it will be joined by a plethora of other autos conceptualized by Fioravanti over the course of his career.

Concorso Italiano is a fitting setting for the SP1’s North American debut. The event, which will take place Friday, August 13 at Laguna Seca Golf Ranch in Monterey, California, is a “celebration of Italian style.” Now in its 25th year, Concorso attracts some 10,000 luxury enthusiasts who come to appreciate Italian music, cuisine, fashion, and, of course, automobiles, of which 1,200 collectable, exotic, and classic versions will be on display.

Fioravanti will be honored at the annual gathering as the Featured Designer of 2010. Ferrari owners from around the country are joining in the fray, bringing autos that wear his mark to the Monterey Peninsula by the hundreds. Close to 30 Ferrari F40s are expected to congregate, and the list of participants continues to grow. “If I know correctly, 30 F40s will be present,” says Fioravanti. “It is infrequent that you see that many F40s all together! It will be a very interesting spectacle.”

At the event, Fioravanti will speak about the process of designing the F40, providing insight into what it was like to be involved in the development and launch of the iconic supercar. Perhaps he will also discuss what he is currently working on at Fioravanti, which very may well be the world’s next iconic collectable. Auto lovers can expect the next vehicle to reflect his design philosophy, which is rooted in simplistic beauty and functionality, punctuated by the style for which Italy is best known.