Haute Secrets Miami: Norman Van Aken

Haute Secrets Miami

Name: Norman Van Aken

The Stats: Born in Diamond Lake, Ill.; moved to Miami in 1990; currently resides in Coral Gables.

Why he loves Miami: The weather and the amazing mix of cultures.

Norman Van Aken is more than a celebrated chef — he’s an innovator. Aside from his international culinary fame for bringing New World Cuisine to the culinary forefront — infusing Latin, Caribbean, Asian, African, and American flavors into his creations — Van Aken has also introduced the concept of “fusion” into the culinary world.

With a fine dining restaurant, NORMAN’S, in The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, Chef Van Aken has achieved a number of worldly recognitions. Zagat rated the dining venue “Orlando’s Best.” The James Beard Foundation, which recruited Van Aken as the first chef in America to become a member of its Board of Trustees, also nominated NORMAN’S as “The Best Restaurant in America” and honored the chef as a recipient for “Best Chef in the Southeast.”

Aside from his many other notable accomplishments and awards, Van Aken serves as a member on the prestigious James Beard Advisory Board, and has published four books. More recently, Van Aken opened his newest restaurant, Norman’s 180, in Coral Gables.

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