Chado Sushi – A Haute Eats Pick for NYC

Drumroll please…. I am proud to introduce you to Chado, truly a gastronomical gem in the stretch of New York City’s garment district. Prepare to reach an epiphony of fresh fish bliss.

Chef Mike Lim, whose previous restaurant Gari was awarded numerous accolades, brings his knowledge and expertise to a palate pleasing menu of fresh ingredients and playful flavors presented in bite sized pieces of sheer perfection.

The atmosphere is modern, welcoming, and starkly clean in a comfortable kind of way. The staff is knowledgeable, the service flawless, and the timing impeccable.

Haute Highlights…

  • Chado is the type of restaurant when you say ‘chef’s choice’ they nod and deliver delicious course after course of your favorite dishes. This is the by far the best way to order at Chado. (On the menu refer to Chado’s Style Omakase.)
  • The Shrimp and Crab Harumaki are homemade. Delightful, an intersecting playful dichotomy of fried grease and fresh clean, they are so delicious the emotions of epicurean delight may just stimulate your tear ducts.
  • The sushi and sashimi are such perfect creations that soy sauce would simply be an insult. From the yellowtail, tuna, to red snapper and salmon, each bite is a journey of awareness, overwhelmingly delightful and salivating delicious.  Even the spanish mackerel, which can lend itself to ‘fishiness’ is completely fresh. It’s slight searing was so robust it led us to reminisce of a Napa Valley Cabernet. Each variety of fish is matched with rice specifically tempered to the delicacies of the fish. For example one fish may call for more vinegar in the rice, another more sugar. Now that’s some serious haute couture sushi and sashimi…
  • As for beverage – sake of course. And end with a green tea for digestive purposes.

Chapman’s Chopping Block

  • Though the old adage is that a restaurant review cannot be credible without the criticism of one dish finding an inevitable fault breaking a flawless tasting, I have to admit, Chado has none.

Chado is located at 4 East 36th Street, New York, NY 212.532.2210