A Look at Artist Maximilian Michael Eicke

Creative genius on the rise and furniture visionary Maximilian Michael Eicke grew up in Sag Harbor, as well as London, Dusseldorf, New York and Dublin. This impressive 21-year-old artist and designer has focused his talent, skills and global insight with contrasts of form, angles, edges, and different materials to create both a dashing yet functional line of furniture.

He attended Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland, and graduated at the top of his class within two years to receive his undergraduate degree in interior design.

Having spent a large portion of his life traveling Eicke reveals, “I was able to learn about so many different cultures of the world at such a young age,” and that experience and opportunity is reflected in the myriad of materials, as well as the design skills and influences Eicke has used in his first line of furniture design, created over the past year. Eicke is also fluent in German.

He has for the first time at such a young age made a name for himself and has a show at the moment out East in the Hamptons. On July 17 he held his show in Sag Harbor. Among his numerous awards, Eicke has been recognized with Best Academic Achievement, 2009, Griffith College Dublin, Ireland, and was the representative for Griffith College at Dyson Creativity Day during Dublin Design Week in 2007.

For more information, visit www.maxidny.com.